Robedi Game Breeders are proud to share the news that we have embarked on a Golden Wildebeest Breeding Project, a joint venture with Tembani Wildlife. We have taken great care in selecting and acquiring the best sought after animals to breed with.

We acquired our golden breeding bull from Anton Bothma at Botsé Safaris. This bull, Barrick, is 27″+ at 32 months, and a DNA proven son of Mugabe and DNA proven half-brother of Botsé, the biggest golden bull that we are aware of, measuring 31.5”.

The Golden Wildebeest cows have been acquired from Mahathi Game. All of the golden cows are measuring more than 21” and are in calf to top golden bulls.

We’ve also acquired Golden Wildebeest heifers from Gerber Boerdery, which are in calf to a top 29” golden bull.

Our foundation cows have been acquired from Botsé Safaris who are all in calf by 31.5” and 30.5” bulls.

We have 4 splits in the herd in calf by golden bulls, as well as non-pregnant young splits which we bought from Phala Phala Wildlife.

All of the above ensures that we have a wide gene pool with wildebeest from Tembani Wildlife, Botsé Safaris, Gerber Boerdery, Mahathi Game and Phala Phala Wildlife. We are very excited about this project and will keep posting about it.

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