CYCLONE – Western Zambian Cross Sable Bull

We are truly excited about acquiring this beautiful bull from Hannes Maree at the Benchmark Game Breeders auction end of August 2015. Cyclone, measuring 42” at 45 months of age with 30 rings, is a young son of the famous Tsunami, a 49” Western Zambian bull.

Cyclone has the perfect shape, spread, tips, attitude and top pedigree and should start breeding March/April 2016.




MD25 – Western Zambian Cross Sable Bull

MD25 is considered a bull in a league of its own. Robedi acquired him from Piet Warren’s auction end of September 2015. MD25 is a son of Madala, a 48” Western Zambian bull and a grandson of Charlie, 50.5” Zambian bull.

MD25 measured 46” at 44 months of age with 32 rings. He was the second fastest growing bull at the 2015 Piet Warren auction.

He is a beautiful animal and we are very fortunate to have been able to acquire him to breed with at Robedi Game Breeders.