Robedi Sable


Z Herd Sable

With our first herd, the Z Herd, we decided to start off with long horn female Matetsi Sable, with perfectly symmetric horns and pregnant by top Matetsi bulls such as Flare 50”+. The entire herd was purchased from Tembani Wildlife and Thaba Tholo in 2012.

After acquiring top female Sables pregnant from top bulls, we bought a Western Zambian Silent Valley bull from Thaba Tholo as the breeding bull for the Z herd. His name is Tendai, meaning Be Thankful, and he measured 44.5” when we bought him.

Tendai on the Matetsi females will produce Cross Western Zambian Sables. This will give us genetic diversity and with the combination of these bloodlines we can already see that the offspring have better and bigger bodies and the horn growth looks very promising as well.

Y Herd Sable

In 2013 the second breeding herd was established with 2 Matetsi cows, daughters of Rapella 51”+. The rest of the herd consists of Cross Zambian cows. These cows were purchased from Tembani Wildlife, Kapfundi, Mafunyane Game Reserve. This herd consists of cows and calves with descendants from Katavi 48”+, Variani 47.5”+, Caprivi 46”+, Prince Charles 45”+.

We decided on a Zambian bull to breed in this herd. We were looking for a bull with a wide spread, and was fortunate to purchase Ducati 45”, son of Palanka 47.5”. Ducati, a Zambian bull, from Thaba Tholo with a spread of 28” looks excellent in this herd and we can’t wait to see the offspring that he will produce in the years to come.

X Herd Sable

In 2014, we decided to introduce a third breeding herd. This herd will only be established in September 2015. This herd will consist of Cross Zambian & Cross Western Zambian Sable as well as pure Zambian & Western Zambian Sable.

Sable already purchased to breed in this herd is:

  • Cross Zambian from Nyumbu Game and Tembani Wildlife
  • Cross Western Zambian from Gerber Boerdery
  • Pure Zambian from Tembani Wildlife, Mafunyane Game Reserve and Crown Game Breeders

We will also move some heifers from the Z and Y herd into the X herd in September 2015. Tendai will also be moved to the X herd as the breeding bull.

We are very excited and optimistic about this herd and look forward to the breeding since we know the strong genetics that Tendai brought to the Z herd.

The X herd will have a wide and vast range of exceptional genetics.